How to convert clicks into bookings

How to convert clicks into bookings

How to convert clicks into bookings

Strategist Riky Bains at Brash shares essential marketing strategies for hotels to build quality perception at every level.  

Today, the travel journey begins with a click. And increasingly, that click lands not on a booking platform, but on YouTube. The rise of video content consumption has transformed how potential guests make travel decisions, with hotels needing to adapt and utilize platforms like YouTube to remain competitive.

Ignoring YouTube’s potential in today’s travel landscape is a missed opportunity. By embracing video storytelling and strategic content creation, hotels can unlock a powerful tool to capture attention, build trust and ultimately, drive bookings.

Well worth the watch

Studies show that 93 percent of travelers check user-generated video content before booking. And hotels have observed conversion rates of over 50 percent when they add videos to webpages. Compared to static images or text descriptions, video offers an immersive and dynamic experience, allowing viewers to virtually step inside your hotel. It’s an emotional connection unlike any other, showcasing your unique atmosphere, amenities and surroundings.

The video king

YouTube reigns supreme for the following reasons:
• Reach and engagement – YouTube boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, offering unparalleled reach. Its algorithm favors engaging content, ensuring your well-crafted videos can organically reach targeted audiences
• Versatility and creativity – from room tours and guest testimonials to drone footage and behind-the-scenes glimpses, video formats are diverse and cater to different viewing preferences.
• Search optimization – optimize your videos with relevant keywords and descriptions to make them discoverable within YouTube searches. In this way, you can attract potential guests actively seeking hotels like yours.
• Building trust and authenticity – video goes beyond staged photos, showcasing the genuine personality and charm of your hotel. User-generated content (UGC), featuring real guests enjoying your property, adds another layer of authenticity and trust.

Crafting conversions

The next step is to create YouTube content that generates bookings. A thorough checklist should include the following:
• Know your audience – tailor your videos to your target demographics, highlighting aspects most relevant to them. These could be family-friendly activities, romantic getaways or business amenities.
• Focus on quality and storytelling – invest in good lighting, sound and editing to create professional-looking videos. Craft compelling narratives that showcase your unique selling points and evoke an emotional connection.
• Calls to action are key – don’t leave viewers guessing! Include clear calls to action at the end of your videos, directing them to booking pages, special offers or your website.
• Optimize for mobile – remember, most YouTube viewing happens on mobile devices. Ensure your videos are mobile friendly and load quickly.
• Engage with your community – respond to comments, answer questions and encourage viewers to subscribe for more content. This fosters a sense of community and keeps your hotel at the forefront of viewers’ minds.

Beyond the basics

There are many other creative ‘clickable’ ways to continue growing your business.

Key ideas to consider include:
• Collaborate with influencers – partnering with travel vloggers or local creators can extend your reach and attract new audiences.
• Create playlists – organize your videos into thematic playlists like ‘Things to do near the Hotel’ or ‘Culinary Experiences.’ Doing so enhances the viewing experience.
• Run targeted ads – utilize YouTube’s advertising platform to reach specific demographics and interests, maximizing your return on investment.
• Live streams and Q&As – host live sessions to showcase your property in real time, answer questions directly and interact with potential guests.

Riky Bains, Strategist at Brash

Riky Bains,
Strategist at Brash

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