Hotel marketing strategies to create a perception of quality

Hotel marketing strategies to create a perception of quality

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Strategist Riky Bains at Brash shares essential marketing strategies for hotels to build quality perception at every level.  

Defining tiers

Different star rating levels exist, indicating hotel classes shaped by distinct guest psychographic profiles. Moreover, strategic marketing tailored to tiers aligns hospitality propositions to impress and attract targeted visitor groups amid growing personalization.

Positioning three-star experiences 

A budget-conscious guest need not feel three-star quality means settling for less. Simplicity and seamlessness can be positioned not as compromise but smart choice emphasizing value and efficiency. From consistent WiFi and convenient locations to leveraging reviews praising no-frills reliability, identifying unmet essentials within expectations is key.

Elevating four-star appeal

Move up the tier and expectations also shift from necessity to atmospherics and lifestyle. A guest stepping into four-star hospitality looks beyond basics seeking a soul – creative ambience blending distinctive architecture, cultural character and a lively F&B scene conveying quality. Invigorating yet relaxing tones strike the right balance.

Five-star luxury indulgence

Finally, at the highest echelon, quality takes on almost ethereal, philosophical undertones around exclusivity and individuality. Moreover, bespoke customization, rare aesthetics, and the element of surprise encapsulate the five-star experience. This occurs whether through tech-enabled preference prediction or curating exclusive artistic encounters personalized to the patron.

Surprise factor

Certain touches differentiate expected from extraordinary consistently across classes – the elusive wow factor pivotal to perception. Re-concept room touches that pamper within budget for the three-star bracket shift to emerging tech like VR for virtual wholesome views from four-star properties. Appealing to human senses through signature scents, textures and sounds provides bespoke immersion in the five-star grouping.

Customization is key

As psychographic nuances multiply, customization remains key to capturing interest within classes through precise alignment with evolving demands. Balance guest acquisition goals meeting modern values across segments, from showcasing carbon-neutral credentials that appeal to those interested in sustainability to facilitating pet care for animal lovers choosing a four-star hotel.

The takeaway

Quality is ultimately subjective across hotel classes. Moreover, winner brands continually customize experiences based on growing personalization needs within targeted tiers. Not only do they resonate emotionally through profound insights, but they also unite nostalgia and progress for both connoisseurs and pragmatic visitors. Consequently, they sustain a high reputation by feeling their pulse.

Riky Bains,
Strategist at Brash

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