Vegan is coming to the Middle East with Nestlé Professional

Vegan is coming to the Middle East with Nestlé Professional

Ayça Koç, business manager MENA of Nestlé Professional, discusses vegan trends and reaffirms Nestlé’s commitment to providing sustainable meat alternatives for people looking to incorporate meatless options into their diet.

Veganuary is an annual challenge that encourages people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. How can Nestlé help to endorse the concept?
In 2021, Veganuary reached 224 million people on social media. More consumers are joining this challenge every year. Of these, 40 percent stay vegan and adapt this lifestyle. It is a great opportunity for restaurants to try new vegan concepts in January, and we as Nestlé Professional are helping our customers with full 360-degree marketing support both online and in-store.

What are the latest trends in vegan food?
There are many new trends, especially on the plant-based side of the “seafood” category, like plant-based/vegan tuna and fish alternatives. We are seeing adaptations of almost everything into plant-based and vegan dishes/cuisines, pizzas, sausages and dim sum. Now, we are tapping into the dessert category even more with vegan bakes and chocolate.

What are Nestle’s latest releases when it comes to vegan products?
In addition to the SWEET EARTH® AWESOME™ Burger, as of December 2021, our new recipe of Nuggets and Schnitzel will be vegan certified instead of vegetarian. The new version has a more “chicken-like” taste as well as a crispy coating and super juicy interior. In terms of our new innovations, in Q1 2022 we will be launching our Vegan Balls and Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces, followed by the vegan AWESOME™ Sausage and AWESOME™ Fillet Pieces.

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