Plant based great taste

Plant based great taste

Nestlé Professional’s Sweet Earth® plant based range is like no other. We discover why, with Joe Aouad, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Professional MENA.

What can you tell us about Sweet Earth®?
We have a deep, unbridled love for the earth’s natural ingredients: leafy greens, lush fruits and savory veggies. From the start, we vowed to spend hours in the kitchen, creating delicious plant based cuisine inspired by every corner of the world. It’s this passion for Mother Earth’s gifts that allows us to create foods that nourish your mind, spirit and body in equal measure, and that’s what we promise every single time with Sweet Earth®, which has been around in the U.S. for over 20 years and is now available in the MENA region.

How is Sweet Earth® satisfying consumers’ cravings?
The great thing about the Sweet Earth® range is that it is not only good for the planet but also good for the body. The Awesome Burger has less calories and fat than a standard beef patty yet is higher in fiber. We offer guilt-free indulgence for everyone.

Is Nestlé considering increasing its plant-based product line?
We are planning to introduce some new and exciting products later this year, such as the Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces and Vegan Meatballs. We are always working on developing innovative products to add to our portfolio.

Which is your bestselling item?
There are two main things consumers look for in plant-based meat alternatives: taste and texture. As a result our Awesome Burger is our most popular item, as we do not compromise at all on these two aspects.

What are Sweet Earth® products made of?
Our products are natural and made from soy and wheat. For the Awesome Burger, this popular offering consists consists of beetroot concentrate and coconut oil. The protein is provided by soy and wheat, while the coconut oil gives the appearance of marbled fat. The beetroot concentrate creates the rich beefy color.

What are the health benefits of Sweet Earth® products?
Compared to a raw beef burger, our Awesome Burger has less fat, fewer calories, similar protein value and more fiber.

Is Sweet Earth® planning to expand in the Middle East?
Sweet Earth® will be available in Saudi Arabia in March 2021 and in Qatar by April 2021. We aim to expand further into the MENA region toward the end of the year.

How do you convince chefs to use your meat alternatives as opposed to cooking with real meat?
The Sweet Earth® range is designed to help chefs successfully adapt to this new shift in dining habits. We do not compromise at all on taste or texture, and all our products are versatile and easy to prepare.

What can we expect to see next in the world of plant-based products?
Due to the huge shift in consumer behavior and demand for plant-based products, you can find almost anything with a plant-based or vegan substitute. One thing I haven’t seen much of is plant alternatives for fish and seafood products. With all these new trends, who knows what we will see next.

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