Welcome to the future of coffee-making

Welcome to the future of coffee-making

Anthony Bedoyan, CEO of Golden Goose Hospitality, explains why robotic coffee machines are causing a worldwide industry stir.

The coffee industry has grown rapidly in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down, with a multitude of varieties now featuring on our favorite café menus.
Specialty coffee is the latest trend, with these sought-after beverages constantly evolving, as manufacturers innovate to meet rising demand from coffee lovers.

Know what’s hot

Keeping on top of industry developments can be a challenge, but is key to working out which new trends to tap into. This will enable you as an operator to make sound decisions about which sought-after products to offer and build a strong customer base. You can also boost your social media presence and engagement – vital components of any business today – by showing followers that you are up to date on current trends and meeting customers’ demands.
Top quality coffee beans are the essential component of specialty coffee. Roasted perfectly, they need to be prepared by a skilled barista who knows everything about the coffee and is able to share that information with customers, while also serving them a cup of excellence.

A new robotic era

Innovation lies at the heart of any new trend and, on that note, I’d like to introduce an essential component of the industry’s future, which is the robotic coffee machine.
This new concept from us at Golden Goose can prepare 18 different hot and cold drinks, but that’s just the start of its abilities. To put this equipment’s evolution into context, the robotics coffee concept started out as part of a printing company more than 20 years ago. However, inspired by the rapid growth of the coffee industry, we decided to explore the idea of applying these accumulated 3D printing techniques to the coffee industry by introducing a latte art printer in 2017.
Using a safe edible substance, the printer realizes photo images onto the top of a latte within 20 seconds, sent via a smartphone. Wowing industry circles and coffee lovers alike, our new robotic coffee machine has become something of a media sensation worldwide, making headlines across the Gulf, Asia and elsewhere, and sparking more than 100 inquiries and requests for samples.

All-round benefits

As to its other functions and benefits, the robotic coffee machine is also an excellent way of reducing labor costs, in an industry where staff turnover can often be an issue. It is able to make a great variety of drinks swiftly and accurately, including 16 types of coffee and two varieties of lemonade, putting the cup into the correct position and producing a cappuccino in just 46 seconds, for example. The machine is also self-steam-cleaning.
This advanced technology is matched by the coffee beans used, which are the best quality found on the market, while the standardized coffeemaking process ensures consistency throughout service.
Robotic coffee machines and concepts
will never replace traditional coffeemaking practices or our much-loved basic beverage. However, the level of interest they are generating worldwide and across key franchises shows a growing awareness of their benefits, which range from consistency and 24/7 availability to cost savings on manpower, and confirms their rightful place in the industry’s future.

Anthony Bedoyan,
CEO of Golden Goose Hospitality

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