Dubai chefs and influencers star in YouTube documentary series

Dubai chefs and influencers star in YouTube documentary series

Dubai chefsDubai-based chefs and bloggers took the internet by storm when they appeared in the latest mini-series produced by the French Dairy Board and the European Union to showcase the natural qualities of French butter.

The participants include chef and blogger Dalia Dogmoch Soubra, as well as food bloggers and influencers Courtney Brandt, Nicole Maftoum, Sandra Boghos, Yasmine Tannir and Jen Sahi.

As part of the four episodes, the Dubai chefs and bloggers had the opportunity to witness firsthand the milking phase of the butter-making process when they visited a dairy farm in Machecoul, western France.

Award-winning cheesemonger François Robin said: “The butter-making process is connected to the milk composition, which in turn, is related to what animals eat. Eating as naturally and seasonally as possible gives that fantastic taste that we get in the butter later.” He continued: “That’s why this connection between what the cows eat and how the butter tastes is so incredibly important. This is the perfect illustration of the link between the terroir and the taste of the butter.”

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The group was also introduced to the centuries-old tradition of churning butter.

The third episode showcases the taste butter creates as outlined by Michelin-star chef Tugdual De Béthune at his Holen restaurant, Rennes, where he reveals the difference butter makes to the taste and quality of his dishes.

As part of the journey of butter series, the group had the opportunity to meet Chef Eric Fraudeau and learn the art of making croissants.

The last episode, which is shot in Dubai, is a sequel to the three-episode series in France. It follows the adventures of Chef Dalia Dogmoch Soubra, who relates her experience with butter in her cooking and makes us discover true successful gems.

To view all episodes of the butter journey, click here.

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