Fresh food on high demand in the UAE, driven by health awareness

Fresh food on high demand in the UAE, driven by health awareness

There is an increasing demand for healthier, natural products in the UAE. This resulted in a growth for fresh food over processed food.

According to Euromonitor research, the United Arab Emirates government is continuously seeking ways to promote local farming. The country plans to have food security for the future. It searches for new technology that can cope with the hot weather, limited water supply and soil salinity.

Hypermarkets and supermarkets continued as the leading distribution channels for fresh food in 2018. Consumers continue to prefer one-stop shopping for all their grocery needs. This resulted in the ongoing popularity of these modern grocery retailers.

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As people continue to flock to the United Arab Emirates in search of better work opportunities, fresh food is expected to benefit from this. Furthermore, the health and wellness trend witnessed globally is also experiencing development in the country. Also, there is an increasing number of consumers becoming conscious of the need to be healthy.


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