Exploring Touta Ballouta, a Lebanese culinary gem in Portugal, with Cynthia Bitar

Exploring Touta Ballouta, a Lebanese culinary gem in Portugal, with Cynthia Bitar

As you enter Touta Ballouta, an inviting ambience greets you, seamlessly blending the warmth and comfort of home. From the very first moment, you’ll feel the embrace of a friendly atmosphere, akin to a cherished gathering place. We spoke with Cynthia Bitar, partner and executive chef at Worldkitch LDA, to learn more about this Lebanese culinary gem in Portugal.

What prompted you to launch Touta Ballouta and why did you choose Lisbon as your destination?

As a chef and in general, I thrive on embracing fresh challenges and engaging in exciting projects. Despite my extensive European culinary experience, the prospect of starting my own business in this vibrant region captivated me instantly. Having spent the past few years exploring Portugal, I developed a profound appreciation for it. Furthermore, its natural beauty, the warmth of its people and the striking parallels it shares with Lebanon in ingredients and traditions resonated with me. Moreover, fueled by a passion for new challenges, I eagerly embarked on this venture, ready to create a unique culinary experience.

How does Touta Ballouta set itself apart from other Lebanese restaurants in Lisbon?

Touta Ballouta’s “cuisine libre” distinguishes us among Lebanese restaurants in the region. Furthermore, we craft a non-traditional menu, staying true to our culinary DNA and authenticity.  Our goal goes beyond providing a unique dining experience. We strive to serve food that is not only comforting but also speaks to the hearts of our guests. For example, our menu features hummus, batata harra, cheese rolls, moghrabieh and freekeh. Each uniquely tackled with our distinctive twist. Moreover, embracing a vision for a vibrant Lebanese cuisine, we play with temperatures, textures and diverse cooking techniques. Thus, we aim to craft an experience of delightful surprise with every bite.

Enumerate the similarities and differences between Lebanese and Portuguese cuisine and what are the challenges/advantages of familiarizing the locals with these?

Though Portuguese cuisine differs from ours, there are always some similarities in the flavors and ingredients.

I spent months immersed in the country. I’ve also explored food markets and restaurants, connecting with people, chefs, local producers and restaurateurs to deepen my understanding of the culture. Portugal’s remarkable tomato season, olive oil, ginja like Levantine fichna cherry, Algarve seafood and Alentejo’s porco preto made a lasting impression. Crafting Touta Ballouta’s menu has been an incredible journey. We use premium ingredients to infuse the taste of our hometown into each creation.

What feedback have you received from guests?

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback. One guest said: “It was not just dinner; it was an experience! Very delicious food, beyond expectations.” Another guest remarked: “What a pleasure dining here; the experience was extraordinary.” Others have also said: “The menu boasts a delightful blend of modern and traditional flavors, creating a culinary masterpiece.” We have been inundated with wonderful comments.

Can you share your plans for 2024 and 2025?

Beyond my dedication to Nazira Catering, which commands a significant portion of my time, my current emphasis is on Touta Ballouta. While aspiring to expand in Europe, my priority is maintaining high culinary standards and excellent service for our valued clients. Despite having numerous projects in mind, I approach each decision with a great deal of care and consideration. Furthermore, I am driven by my unwavering commitment to delivering tailored and personalized service.


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touta ballouta ambiance 2
touta ballouta ambiance 2
Touta Ballouta

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