Crafting moments of joy and indulgence in every sip & bite with Karl Georges Najjar

Crafting moments of joy and indulgence in every sip & bite with Karl Georges Najjar

Karl Georges Najjar

Karl Georges Najjar, CEO of Café Najjar, shares the key to the success of Café Najjar.

How did Najjar transition from being a Lebanese coffee brand to a renowned legacy?

Café Najjar started as a small artisanal roaster in Beirut. It has grown into a leading iconic coffee brand. Café Najjar has the biggest factory in the Middle East and North Africa, extending over 15,000 square meters.

Today, Café Najjar’s name is a cultural signature of the finest coffee. Furthermore, the brand is proudly enjoyed by coffee lovers living in Lebanon, the region and all over the world. Moreover, the coffee is exported to 45 countries across the world.

With over six decades of heritage, Café Najjar has become an iconic coffee brand that resonates with coffee enthusiasts, so much so that our Lebanese coffee has become a cultural emblem. Notably, it symbolizes excellence and is cherished globally. As a visionary company, Café Najjar offers an exquisite collection of brands that tantalize the taste buds and awaken the senses.

What does the Café Najjar – Najjar Professional Solutions company offer? 

Under Najjar Professional Solutions, Café Najjar, Krikita and Cookers/Byte have revolutionized the coffee, nuts and frozen food industries. Transitioning, Najjar Professional Solutions provides a 360-degree solution, ensuring that every cup of coffee, every bite and every crunch counts.

We create outstanding experiences with our branded coffee, nuts, and frozen food, as well as our private-label offerings. Furthermore, we offer the right range of equipment and provide world-class training, along with market-leading service and maintenance.

Our products, including coffee, nuts and ready-to-eat snacks and cakes, are enjoyed not only in coffee shops; they connect cultures worldwide, inspiring and indulging.

Your brand has consistently embraced trends, evident through the launch of Gia and Raqwa. How do you identify and keep up with these trends to remain relevant?

Just as coffee is an ever-evolving experience, so is Najjar. Furthermore, our mission is to create moments of joy and indulgence in every sip. We’re not confined to a single category; instead, we embrace evolution in every form. Moreover, our mission is to make Najjar a part of every coffee lover’s daily routine. We have innovated across various categories, expanding our offerings from Lebanese coffee to instant, espresso, filter, cold brew and specialty coffee.

Additionally, our RAQWA patented system is a groundbreaking innovation, revolutionizing global authentic coffee culture. It’s the world’s first innovative coffee maker to bridge generation gaps, preparing authentic coffee with traditional methods in just 45 seconds. Earning leadership in Lebanese coffee, we’ve expanded into regional and ethnic markets, solidifying our strong presence and industry influence.

Café Najjar, Najjar Raqwa, Najjar GIA Espresso, Najjar Specialty Coffee, Najjar Instant, and Najjar Cold Brew exemplify our quality commitment. At Café Najjar, excellence, craftsmanship, passion, art and innovation define every coffee category. Each brand carries a distinct character, delivering rich flavors and aromas that captivate discerning palates.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience, covering a diverse range of consumers, shares a common desire: enjoying a cup of coffee daily, anytime. Furthermore, we recognize consumers’ unique preferences and tastes, hence curating an extensive coffee portfolio. Moreover, we aim to cater to individuals across all age groups and demographics. We tailor our offerings to suit their distinct flavor preferences and ensure satisfaction across various taste profiles. Additionally, our products are strategically positioned at different price points. Consequently, this allows us to engage with consumers at different levels while driving market premiumization. Lastly, we target Lebanese consumers residing in Lebanon, as well as the Lebanese diaspora and Middle Eastern communities worldwide.

What are Café Najjar’s future aspirations and plans?

Café Najjar’s future aspirations and plans revolve around expanding our global presence even further. Indeed, we aim to introduce our unparalleled taste to new markets worldwide. Furthermore, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and craftsmanship. Thus, continuously striving to develop new products that not only delight the senses. Moreover, we aim to make it effortless for consumers to indulge in the rich experience of our coffee.

Upholding our values of quality, we aspire to innovate in every category. Additionally, we seek to introduce new ways of enjoying coffee in Lebanon and across the world.


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