The burgeoning bleisure market with Jad Shamseddin, COO of Aleph Hospitality

The burgeoning bleisure market with Jad Shamseddin, COO of Aleph Hospitality

Those mixing professional business travel with personal leisure time have been coined “bleisure” travelers. Jad Shamseddin, COO of Aleph Hospitality, lifts the lid on this growing segment that should be carefully studied and catered to by hotels worldwide.

Depending on how attractive a destination is, business travelers are increasingly adding weekends — even weeks — to work trips to combine work and leisure. Globally, it is believed that one in three business travelers will be adding a leisure component to at least one of their business trips this year.

Today’s bleisure traveler is interested in culture and food, elements hotels can capitalize on by creating appealing local offerings and experiences. Here are a few things operators should consider:

Diversify and showcase business and leisure amenities
Hotels need to showcase both their business and leisure amenities to attract the bleisure traveler. This includes business options, such as private meeting spaces or coworking spaces, as well as leisure activities, such as run clubs, yoga classes, special meal plans and transportation options.

Improve personalization through AI
By utilizing AI, hotels can enhance personalization, tapping into the bleisure traveler’s needs and preferences for both work and leisure. From the right recommendations for food based on the guest’s profile to ensuring special features in the room, business travelers can benefit from a more tailored and efficient service to get their work done quickly, thus freeing up valuable leisure time.

Ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity
Connectivity is everything. Attracting bleisure travelers requires the provision of seamless internet access to accommodate business obligations first and foremost. These travelers also need to be able to communicate with their loved ones and friends during their free time. Therefore, connection speed and Wi-Fi quality make a huge difference.

Be on the platforms bleisure travelers are using
Working with corporate travel agents could be one way to entice bleisure travelers, as these travel agents specialize in arranging business trips and planning business events for their clients.

Enhance your hotel technology
From smart speakers and casting services to the use of mobile apps for contactless check-in and check-out, there are plenty of ways to digitally engage the bleisure traveler to guarantee that both their business and leisure needs are met. Promote tailored-made offerings Business travelers can be offered discounted rates on weekends or additional nights after a conference to encourage them to extend their stay. Recommendations for off-the-beaten track experiences and access to ticketed events are other ways to keep guests checked in for longer.

Hotels need to promote leisure activities to corporate travelers on their website, in confirmation and pre-arrival emails, and other channels. Hotels that succeed in tailoring their offerings to attract bleisure travelers stand to benefit from repeat business, increased revenue and competitive advantages.

Jad Shamseddin,
COO of Aleph Hospitality
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