A match made in sweet heaven: Valrhona and Pariani join forces in Dubai

A match made in sweet heaven: Valrhona and Pariani join forces in Dubai

Valrhona, partner of taste artisans since 1922 and a pioneer and specialist in the world of chocolate, and Pariani, a company renowned for its innovative ingredients and raw materials focused on nuts and oil, have united in a visionary collaboration aimed at reshaping the culinary landscape in Dubai. To mark this historic collaboration, an extraordinary dinner was hosted at the iconic Address Hotel and Resort in Downtown Dubai, heralding the dawn of a new era in gastronomic innovation.

In the presence of Dubai’s famed pastry chefs, the exclusive event showcased the harmonious fusion of French chocolate mastery from Valrhona and the exquisite Italian hazelnut certified Piedmont PGI craftsmanship of Pariani.

Guillaume Lafaix, business unit manager of Valrhona in the region, expressed his delight, stating: “This collaboration between Valrhona and Pariani embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, inspiring chefs to reach new heights of culinary excellence.”

Mattia Pariani, CEO and founder of Pariani, echoed this sentiment, saying: “Collaborating with Valrhona enables us to unite the finest ingredients from Italy, empowering chefs to craft truly exceptional culinary creations.”

Aligning with Valrhona’s mission to transcend boundaries and elevate chocolate experiences globally, Olivier Morel, CEO of Valrhona Selection, said: “Our partnership with Pariani epitomizes our unwavering commitment to fostering culinary brilliance worldwide. By synergizing our expertise, we aim to embolden chefs in Dubai to unleash their creativity and astonish discerning palates with unparalleled gastronomic delights.”

He added: “Building long-term partnerships directly with cocoa producers, sharing know-how, and seeking the next chocolate innovation are the challenges that drive us to excel every day. Together with chefs and cocoa producers, Valrhona is dedicated to advancing craftsmanship and fostering creativity to shape a more sustainable and extraordinary future for chocolate and gastronomy.”

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