Shaping the future of gastronomy with Valrhona’s new Essentials recipes

Shaping the future of gastronomy with Valrhona’s new Essentials recipes

The revisited Essentials — a collection of must-have recipes from L’École Valrhona — was launched at Sirha 2023 and will be officially introduced in the Middle East on September 14, 2023, at the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences. Chefs from the Middle East, Africa and India will join Valrhona for an afternoon of “measured” indulgence. In addition, a digital version of the event with a live feed will be made available for Cercle V chefs who cannot attend in person.

Valrhona’s legacy and global influence
Valrhona’s expertise has been passed down from chefs to chefs for 100 years. From Tain l’Hermitage to Tokyo and Brooklyn to the heart of Paris, professionals from all over the world are expanding their creative boundaries with the support of L’École Valrhona. Since 1995, they have relied on the Valrhona Essentials book, created by L’École Valrhona with leadership from Frédéric Bau, as a collection of basic recipes that have become a benchmark in pastry making. This indispensable tool, last updated in 2018, returns in 2023 with over 20 recipes reworked with a focus on “Reasonable Indulgence.” Indeed, This latest version made with alternative ingredients to reduce fat and sugar.

A comprehensive collection of basic recipes
Serving as a companion and a genuine reference for thousands of pastry makers and chefs worldwide, the Essentials is a comprehensive collection of must-have recipes. It covers everything from biscuits and pastry basics to mousses, ice cream and chocolate, without forgetting the finishing touches to elevate dishes, offering more than 120 recipes that are perfectly balanced with all of Valrhona’s exquisite products.

Commitment to sustainability and ethical gastronomy
Considering seasonal products, short supply chains and health concerns, gastronomy today faces many challenges and must reinvent itself. Valrhona places a strong emphasis on protecting the planet and its resources, making it a core aspect of the brand’s DNA. With a mission summed up as “together, good becomes better” and the B Corp certification, Valrhona supports pastry chefs worldwide by providing them with a tool that allows them to work with traditional recipes while bringing them up to date. The goal is to create contemporary responsible gastronomy that is indulgent yet more ethical in its use of ingredients — doing things better without compromising on quality, using less fat and sugar while still being just as delicious.

Redefining recipes with “Reasonable Indulgence”
With the revisited Essentials, Valrhona is pushing the limits to offer more ethical and perfectly balanced recipes inherent to L’École Valrhona. Reworking the Essentials involved questioning every aspect and required constant involvement from chefs in Valrhona’s vision for “Reasonable Indulgence.” For this new version of the Essentials, Valrhona spent over a year mobilizing and working closely with a team that combined the pastry-making expertise of L’École Valrhona and the scientific knowledge of the Valrhona research and development department.

Challenging conventions and inspiring creativity
The criteria for a “reasonable” recipe were clear: improve recipes nutritionally in terms of calories, fat and sugar while retaining only what is necessary. This was achieved by analyzing the recipes, breaking them down, understanding their structure and identifying the role of each ingredient. Furthermore, Valrhona researched the possibility of reducing or eliminating high-calorie, fatty and sugary ingredients while maintaining and enhancing taste and texture, always keeping in mind the first criterion for “Reasonable Indulgence” — ensuring the final product remains as tasty and delicious as ever.

Shaping the future of gastronomy with Valrhona’s new essentials
With the revised version of Essentials, Valrhona’s primary goal is to encourage makers and pastry chefs to think differently and unlearn old techniques, habits and reflexes that have been passed down for generations. This will enable them to work in a more conscious and aware manner, paving the way for creating their own conventions.
These new guidelines empower chefs to push the boundaries of creativity and adopt a healthier approach to their craft while preserving the gustatory experience and excellence of sweet cuisine, both today and tomorrow. With this new version of the Essentials, L’École Valrhona invites pastry chefs to become integral participants in shaping the future of gastronomy.

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