A new perspective with Vincent Miccolis, MD of the MEAT and India at Ascott

A new perspective with Vincent Miccolis, MD of the MEAT and India at Ascott

Vincent Miccolis, managing director of the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India at Ascott, discusses the hotel-in-residence hybrid model.

What can you tell us about Ascott’s hotel-in-residence hybrid model?

Ascott Limited’s hotel-in-residence hybrid model blends comfort with hotel conveniences, enhancing portfolio efficiency and diversifying revenue streams. It also offers flexibility for short or long stays, appealing to both business and leisure travelers. Furthermore, guests enjoy amenities like housekeeping, security, leisure facilities, dining and comfortable stays. Moreover, spacious accommodations, communal spaces, access to local attractions, as well as enhanced safety and security, redefine traditional lodging, ensuring convenience and luxury.

How does the hybrid model adapt to current market trends and changing consumer behaviors in the hospitality industry?

The hybrid model offers flexibility in booking, thus catering to modern travelers’ varying schedules and preferences. With the rise of remote work and digital nomads, many travelers are seeking accommodations that seamlessly blend work and leisure. Consequently, properties are offering amenities like high-speed internet and co-working spaces, meeting remote work needs.

Today’s consumer increasingly values personalized experiences tailored to their individual preferences. Consequently, Ascott leverages technology to gather guest preferences, enhancing the guest experience with tailored services and amenities.

Furthermore, guests are showing increasing concern about a brand’s sustainability credentials. That’s why, Ascott’s “Ascott CARES” program focuses on community engagement, CSR events, energy and water conservation, waste reduction and sustainable training programs.

Due to our sustainability efforts, properties in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain achieved ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

How does this hybrid model cater to the diverse needs of guests, including both business travelers and those seeking leisure stays?

For business travelers, our hotel-in-residence properties offer work-friendly amenities and flexible bookings for short and long stays. This innovative approach offers the ideal space for productivity; ensuring guests have access to every resource available for their business needs.

As for leisure guests, our properties provide a home-away-from-home experience and recreational amenities and state-of-the-art fitness centres. We provide concierge services for city exploration and flexible booking options for short-term escapes and extended stays.

Overall, the hotel-in-residence hybrid model effectively caters to the diverse needs of both business travelers and leisure guests. This approach also ensures that guests receive personalized attention. Consequently, guests enjoy a memorable stay, regardless of the purpose of their visit.

In terms of catering to guest needs, what benefits does Ascott’s hybrid model offer compared to a hotel with a standard module?

Ascott Limited’s hybrid model provides an enhanced lodging experience with various accommodation options, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Furthermore, designed for short and long stays, these units feature amenities for everyday living, customizable services and communal areas. Additionally, with hotel-style amenities and affordable prices, Ascott’s model offers flexibility, comfort and value, surpassing standard hotel offerings.

How does Ascott ensure a balance between short-term and long-term stays within its hybrid model?

Ascott’s hybrid model strikes a balance between short and long-term stays through a suite of commercial strategies. Moreover, we’ve employed dynamic pricing strategies, adjusting room rates based on demand, seasonality and length of stay. By offering competitive rates for both short-term and long-term stays, Ascott can attract a diverse range of guests while optimizing revenue. Additionally, Ascott regularly offers promotional deals and packages. Moreover, our loyalty program, Ascott Star Rewards (ASR), includes year-long discounts of 10 percent, seasonal offers of up to 40 percent off stays and many other attractive benefits. Furthermore, our flexible booking approach caters to all guests’ needs, while our robust corporate client base garners us steady long-term bookings.

Ascott segments and targets its market using targeted ads, partnerships with online travel agencies, and direct marketing to appeal to a diverse guest portfolio. Finally, the ASR program is integrated with our CRM platform, allowing us insight into our guests’ key trends such as booking patterns and other preferences. Based on these insights, we can tailor promotions and services to suit both our short-term and long-term guests. With these strategies in conjunction, we effectively balance short-term and long-term stays within our hybrid model by tailoring our offerings to both segments, therefore maximizing occupancy, revenue and guest satisfaction.

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*MEAT: Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India

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