Leveraging WhatsApp automation to optimize hotel operations

Leveraging WhatsApp automation to optimize hotel operations

Lovetto Nazareth, managing director of Prism Digital, gives us the lowdown on how AI-driven WhatsApp automation solutions are reinventing the way hotels communicate with customers

With over 2.2 billion users globally, WhatsApp-based customer engagement tools are revolutionizing the customer engagement ecosystem for the Hospitality industry. The AI-driven WhatsApp for Business Chatbot service is transforming the way the hotel industry is currently communicating with its customers and addressing their queries for the Hotel Industry in the Middle East and North Africa. This technology is fundamental to the future of the hospitality industry where customer experience is paramount to success.
Hotels can use WhatsApp Business Chatbot booking capabilities and marketing automation to optimize their operations.

WhatsApp for Business Chatbot
WhatsApp for Business Chatbot offers hotels many advantages, including the ability to engage with guests and respond 24/7 to their enquiries intelligently in a fully automated way. The WhatsApp chatbot can be programed to communicate in over 50 languages and hence can connect the hotel with potential guests and visitors in their local language. The chatbot can be programed to respond to more than 15,000 commands, ranging from sharing updates and new offers, responding to customer queries, sending bulk messages and leveraging complete marketing campaigns to customers with an influx of information that highly engages the community.

Booking capabilities
Guests can receive virtual booking assistance from WhatsApp for Business Chatbot at every stage of the booking process. This improves the overall customer experience by sharing facts about the range of available rooms, cost per night, existing complimentary services and rooms availability for any specific date. The hotel can also share video, location maps, discount coupons and links to the hotel website to book with a call to action, in addition to enabling customers to search for and book rooms directly from their WhatsApp app. This will help hotels before, during and after the room reservation process and increase the number of direct bookings.
This feature empowers the hospitality industry to communicate with potential guests and visitors from all over the world. Since one can book directly from WhatsApp, it will encourage more direct bookings and reduce the need for OTAs, leading to improved sales and direct booking and revenue.

Marketing capabilities
WhatsApp Chatbot can be inserted in Ad Campaigns, on the website to track visitors, procure data to target new investors and target intent driven investors.
WhatsApp is becoming the most used app for connecting and for building personal & business conversations across sectors globally. The AI-driven chatbots will not only help to leverage the hotels marketing efforts but also reduce the advertising budget and progressively generate meaningful leads promising strategic customer engagement.

Lovetto Nazareth,
managing director
Prism Digital

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