Cheese on the menu with Antoine Obeid, regional managing director of La Maison du Fromage, Kuwait

Cheese on the menu with Antoine Obeid, regional managing director of La Maison du Fromage, Kuwait

In an interview for Hospitality News ME, Hodema consulting services caught up with Antoine Obeid, regional managing director of La Maison du Fromage in Kuwait, to find out more about his leading gourmet cheese concept and the Kuwaiti food scene.

What can you tell us about La Maison du Fromage?
La Maison du Fromage is a leading gourmet cheese retailer headquartered in Kuwait. Our cheeses are made by expert craftspeople who follow processes passed down and refined over generations. This makes our products extremely versatile.

What differentiates La Maison du Fromage from similar concepts in the market?
La Maison du Fromage offers a delightful range of over 400 varieties of cheeses from around the world delivered to your door. With each bite, our customers are transported to France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, among countless other countries.

What are the most recent food retail trends in Kuwait?
One of the most significant trends in food retail that has affected Kuwait as well as other countries is the transition to online shopping and consumers prioritizing healthy foods. The modern consumer is now searching for the ideal combination of convenience and nutrition. Kuwaitis are diverse and eclectic in their tastes. Thus, they attach great importance to exciting, innovative products, especially when it comes to food.
La Maison du Fromage is a pioneer in an industry that has conceived and developed the trend of turning cheese platters into specialty art and transforming traditional gifting from cakes, chocolates and flowers to cheeses for special gatherings and corporate events.

Are you expecting any changes in consumer behavior post-pandemic?
The pandemic pushed consumers toward technology, wo we had to create more organic ways of connecting with them. We transitioned from sharing brochures and other information via pamphlets to implementing barcodes and having our products available across various platforms, including our website, mobile application and other delivery apps.
In addition, people are looking for food with distinct health benefits. This shift has encouraged new customers to shop at La Maison du Fromage because it provides the freshest top-quality cheeses.

What are your future plans?
La Maison du Fromage plans to become the world’s largest franchisor of retail cheese boutique stores and further advance the movement of replacing traditional gifts with cheese platters. To this end, we envision having our gourmet cheeses at more occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and business gatherings.
We will also continue to educate and deliver refreshing customer experiences to further strengthen the perception of cheese as a staple at special occasions and events.   

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