Venturing into the world of Gelato

Venturing into the world of Gelato

Gelato has seen a whirlwind of trends over the years. Daniel Elias Halabi, the technical advisor chef of Pregel Benelux, uncovers the flavors and influences shaping this frozen dessert sensation.

In the ever-dynamic landscape of gelato, each year introduces a fresh array of flavors and innovative collaborations. Thus, elevating this traditional treat to new heights.

Exploring Gelato flavors

 Here are some of the leading tastes that have been captivating gelato enthusiasts worldwide:

Renowned for its distinctive and tangy notes, the Japanese yuzu lemon has emerged as a prominent flavor. Its zest has added a refreshing twist to traditional gelato, offering guests a captivating taste of the Orient.

Cookies & Cream
Cookies and cream combine velvety vanilla gelato with generous portions of cookies. This delightful flavor never wanes in popularity. This classic is exceptionally well-suited for presentation, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Kefir Yogurt
Kefi is a cultured and fermented milk beverage originating from the mountainous region that straddles Asia and Europe. With a consistency akin to yogurt but distinctive, kefir yogurt harmonizes beautifully with fruit toppings, offering a sophisticated flavor profile.

Dragon Fruit
The exotic allure of dragon fruit, native to Asia but now cultivated globally, has seized the attention of connoisseurs. This vibrant fruit has become a captivating addition to gelato offerings, delivering both visual appeal and a delightful flavor sensation.

Plant-Based Gelato
The rise of plant-based diets has catalyzed the emergence of plant-based gelato. This trend acknowledges the growing demand for dairy-free alternatives. Therefore, it underscores the creative possibilities in gelato recipes catering to vegan preferences within the hospitality industry.

Diverse Culinary Markets

It is essential to point out that each market maintains its distinctive gelato trends and flavor preferences. In Europe, where the climate often leans towards cold, the enduring appeal of classic and creamy gelato flavors prevails.
Conversely, the Middle East takes an innovative approach, constantly experimenting with innovative combinations of textures and flavors. This region is renowned for harmoniously merging elements of creaminess, crunchiness, and smoothness. Therefore, it often incorporates an assortment of tantalizing toppings. Here, the “merry cream,” reigns supreme, characterized by its visual appeal and lower fat content compared to its European counterparts.
Nonetheless, throughout the ever-evolving landscape of gelato, classical flavors remain unwavering, assuring guests a comforting taste of tradition.

Elevating Dining and Elegance with Artisan Gelato

Within the realm of fine dining establishments, gelato craftsmanship reaches its zenith. The use of specialized equipment, such as the “pacojet,” yields exceptionally smooth and velvety gelato, presented with freshness and delectation. Here, gelato is not merely a dessert; it constitutes an integral part of the overall dining experience.
In the context of lavish weddings and upscale soirées, gelato is presented in a manner that exudes opulence. The effect is achieved using oversized jars filled with ice and frozen fruits, with a centerpiece of gelato ensconced within. This presentation adds a touch of grandeur to any event, showcasing gelato as a symbol of luxury and indulgence.
The ever-evolving world of gelato unveils a dessert that transcends mere gustatory pleasure. Therefore, it becomes a captivating journey through flavors, presentation, and culinary expertise.

Daniel Elias Halabi,
Technical advisor chef of Pregel Benelux

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