The rise of bleisure travel

The rise of bleisure travel


In the realm of travel, a new trend has emerged that blends business and leisure. Thomas Kurian, hotel manager of LEVA Hotels, explains how and why bleisure travel in on the rise.

Bleisure travel

Bleisure travel combines the professionalism of business travel with the excitement of leisurely exploration. Hence, it is about extending one’s business trip to make some time for a quick vacation by adding a few days at the start or end of the trip.

New rising trend

In the corporate world, bleisure travel is gaining traction. According to Evisa Express’ recent statistics, 40 percent of business trips turn into bleisure ones and 48 percent of millennials have intentionally combined business and leisure into the same trip.
These statistics clearly indicate that the current post-pandemic workforce is actively embracing the concept of bleisure travel. But why is this trend rising quickly among businesses and their workforce?

Here are the top three driving factors of bleisure travel:

Cost-effective for both parties

On a bleisure trip, the company often covers business expenses like flights. On the other hand, personal leisure costs are born by employees. Extending your stay might mean covering extended accommodation, but hotels often present discounted rates to business travelers. Thus, this allows employees to enjoy a cost-free flight for a quick vacation and benefit from lower hotel expenses.

Doesn’t require separate time for a vacation

A large portion of the working-class population consists of millennials. According to a survey by Publicis Sapient, millennials are travel enthusiasts who actively seek and desire a few vacations yearly. But making time for leisure trips amid their busy work life can be difficult. Consequently, that’s why bleisure travel seems like the ideal solution.

Boosts employee morale and productivity

Vacations are great stress busters for corporate workers. Consequently, it uplifts employees’ spirits and improves their work productivity. Therefore, when employees get a few extra days of leisure time during their business trips, it improves their state of mind. Employee satisfaction goes up, and the organization benefits from it as well.

The UAE is the perfect bleisure destination

In the world of outstanding business opportunities, the UAE stands out as a key global hub. Thus, the UAE offers unmatched professional experiences. Amid this dynamic backdrop, renowned events take center stage, placing you at the core of industry dynamism.
Opting for a centrally located city hotel becomes a strategic advantage. Unlike remote resort settings, these urban retreats place you at the doorstep of professional engagements. Moreover, they effortlessly transition into gateways to Dubai’s vibrant nightlife, inviting you to immerse yourself in its sophistication and vibrancy. Consequently, we can expect this innovative travel approach to become an integral part of modern business culture.

Thomas Kurian,
hotel manager of LEVA Hotels

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