Destination flavor with Certified Angus Beef

Destination flavor with Certified Angus Beef

The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai is a destination for guests seeking first-class service and elegant dining experiences. From awe-inspiring sunset views to the sumptuous dishes served, every moment is elevated and sure to impress.

Chef Moritz Neumann, director of culinary, oversees the five-star hotel’s 12 award winning restaurants and lounges. Since leading the kitchens in January 2020, he has been focused on upgrading menu items, boosting variety and increasing quality, which is why he trusts and serves the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. Classically trained as a chef in Germany, Neumann started his career at age 17 as a student at the Munich Business School. He honed his skills in England, the U.S. and Qatar. Today, he’s accumulated 20 years with Marriott International across six different brands and earned its Rising Star award.
“Quality brings people back into the restaurants,” explains Neumann. “The higher the quality of ingredients, the more people will be attracted to your venues, talk about it and bring people back.” To ensure the hotel is the destination for exceptional taste, he leads a team of 250 chefs, serving distinctive cuisine at each of the hotel’s eateries, namely its Italian, Thai, Japanese and European restaurants, as well as its American steakhouse. Yet with 1,608 rooms and suites, breakfast stands out as a guest favorite. In his quest to boost variety and enhance the quality of breakfast menus, Neumann serves halal beef bacon made with the Certified Angus Beef ® brand by Devanco Foods in the U.S. It’s a crowd favorite – the hotel is the largest user of the product, which is named Schmacon in global markets.
“It’s what American and Europeans call ‘real bacon,’” he says. “If you want a proper breakfast experience, it’s an excellent product.”
Located on the 68th floor of the hotel, Steak68 receives equal acclaim to the hotel’s breakfast and brunch. Here, Neumann continues to impress with a variety of steak options, including the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, which guests appreciate for its flavor.
“Everybody comes to the steakhouse for beef, but Certified Angus Beef® is the most ordered,” he says. “We are proud to serve it.”
On Sundays, the steakhouse offers rib roast, creating an elevated and elegant dining experience for families. Guests also delight in seeing dishes prepared at their tables. While customers favor tenderloin, ribeye and strip steaks, Neumann sees great potential and value in introducing cuts from nose to tail. He smokes briskets and offers other unique beef cuts for special events like the monthly beef and burgundy wine pairing dinners. They’re also featured when celebrity international chefs come to cook in hotel venues for special events.
Neumann first served Certified Angus Beef® nine years ago. Today, its superior marbling and resulting assured flavor delivers the consistency and quality Neumann and his guests demand. “It’s a cut above the market – tender, juicy, has good color and flavor,” he says. “We always have positive feedback. It’s a quality product with steady supply for a fair price.” While food is central to Neumann’s role, his work ethic, team spirit and creativity inspire his staff and attract new customers to the hotel. He knows that customers and quality come first, just as guests expect at this busy, iconic destination for exceptional taste.

Who is Certified Angus Beef?
The original Angus beef brand. Based in Wooster, Ohio, USA and owned by family farmers and ranchers, we’re more than just Angus beef. Only the very best makes our cut. We set strict standards to certify every bite is tender, juicy and full of flavor, whether you’re cooking at home or dining at the best steakhouse. It’s why we’re the world’s most trusted beef brand and have been since 1978.

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