Grubtech and Foodics partner to empower restaurants and cloud kitchens

Grubtech and Foodics partner to empower restaurants and cloud kitchens

Mohamed Al Fayed

Grubtech, an all-in-one SaaS platform for cloud kitchens and delivery-centric restaurants, announced their strategic partnership with Foodics, a point of sale (POS) and management system for restaurants.  

Through this partnership, Foodics’ customer base of over 7,000 restaurants will be integrated into a variety of food aggregators, such as Talabat, Jahez, and Careem. Grubtech’s customers will have access to an advanced restaurant point of sale.

The integration will provide restaurants with the ability to centrally manage menus across all channels and automatically receive orders from food aggregators directly into the Foodics POS. It will also ensure that restaurants have a single source of truth for orders made online and in store. By doing so, restaurants will eliminate the need to deal with a multitude of tablets from food aggregators, allowing them to save time and effort while preventing errors from occurring and focusing on the main job at hand. 

With the aim of helping restaurateurs maintain optimum restaurant service standards and provide a stellar customer experience, Grubtech will be offering preferential rates for existing Foodics customers.

Mohamed Al Fayed, co-founder and CEO of Grubtech, said: “Reliance on online food ordering has accelerated in the last year and will continue to grow, bringing about a number of new challenges for restaurants, such as efficiently dealing with omni-channel food ordering, maximizing efficiency and reducing the time from order to doorbell.

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“As a Dubai-based SaaS startup, our hyper-local food aggregator and online ordering channel integrations mean that restaurants can be effortlessly present wherever their customers are. We are pleased to collaborate with Foodics to consolidate an otherwise fragmented tech stack and be able to jointly help restaurant operators grow their brand.” 

Omar Knio, head of brand at Foodics, said: “We are on a mission to empower the restaurant industry with a one-stop-shop platform that will help them run and scale-up their operations effortlessly. Here comes our partnership with Grubtech, an integration that eliminates the hassle and possible mistakes of delivery operation on the restaurant’s front of house and back of house. We are bringing food aggregator orders to Foodics’ Cashier App directly, which will offer the restaurant staff a seamless order fulfillment experience.”

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