Cracking the code of Galaxy Bar Dubai’s success with Coralie Doillet

Cracking the code of Galaxy Bar Dubai’s success with Coralie Doillet

We sat with Coralie Doillet, bar manager of Galaxy Bar Dubai, to get to the bottom of how the venue has made it on The World’s 50 Best Bars list for the third year in a row.


What are the key factors that have contributed to Galaxy Bar being on The World’s 50 Best Bars list?

Galaxy Bar isn’t merely about mixing drinks; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences. When guests enter the bar, they’re seeking more than a drink; They’re in search of a unique and lasting impression. At Galaxy Bar, we understand this and always try to find a way to exceed guests’ expectations. Our mission, making people happy, resonates with guests, ensuring their return to us repeatedly.
Therefore, we must be innovative and creative with the cocktails we create day after day. We are committed and passionate about the art of mixology. Therefore, we seek creativity in various ways, whether through the spirits we use or the garnishes we invent to surprise our guests. We aim to provide a unique experience in every glass we serve.
Creativity doesn’t emerge from thin air; it’s inspired by bartenders locally and globally. Furthermore, active engagement with the global cocktail community defines our approach. In addition, we join events like 50 Best Bars and have guest shifts with bars like Atlas and Clumsies. This engagement frequently results in increased recognition and a broader network of supporters.
Our success stems from team consistency, drink creativity, and global cocktail bar community engagement, ensuring our place on the prestigious list.

How has Galaxy Bar adapted and innovated to maintain its position as a top destination for cocktail enthusiasts and visitors to Dubai?

Galaxy Bar thrives as a premier cocktail destination, sustaining its appeal through innovation and adaptability, drawing cocktail enthusiasts and visitors. International recognition, notably by the World’s 50 Best Bars List, has significantly contributed to our success. Being listed has also added some prestige to Galaxy Bar’s name, drawing cocktail enthusiasts from all over the world.
However, it’s not solely international acclaim that keeps Galaxy Bar at the forefront; local recognition has also been instrumental. Awards, team excellence and industry figures like beverage director Krystian Hordejuk have been vital to our ongoing success. Moreover, our loyal guests who spread the word to friends and family help keep us on the map. Many guests visit the bar based on recommendations from others, making word-of-mouth an essential factor in our ongoing popularity.

 How do you tailor your offerings to cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences?

The creativity involved in mixology is akin to an art form for me. The character and history behind each spirit, the blend of flavors and the techniques employed to craft them are mesmerizing. It’s as if I’m a painter with an endless palette of flavors. Thus, every cocktail becomes my masterpiece.
Although Galaxy Bar doesn’t offer a dining experience, we still aim to infuse gastronomy into our cocktails. Thus, surprising the palate with innovative garnishes. In a cocktail, a garnish serves two primary purposes: it can either cleanse the palate or enhance a sentimental experience. At Galaxy Bar, we relish the opportunity to experiment with our garnishes, using unexpected flavors or kitchen equipment to craft them. When balancing the cocktail with the right garnish, we carefully consider the flavors and aromas used in the drink. This attention to detail allows us to create garnishes that can be sour, sweet, pastry-based, or even as imaginative as pickles. Each garnish has the power to create a unique experience and is an essential element of our craft.
To stay inspired and develop innovative garnishes, I enjoy collaborating with various team members, including chefs and fellow bartenders. Collaborating with Avli’s pastry chef, I learn texture techniques and refine garnish crafting skills for my envisioned creations. My culinary education enriches my mixology by fueling my passion for flavor combinations, adding depth to my creative process.

With the growth of craft spirits and local ingredients, how does Galaxy Bar incorporate these trends into its cocktail offerings?

Galaxy Bar has embraced these trends by incorporating local ingredients primarily in our garnishes. With a firm belief in the power of garnishes, we use them to enhance flavors, cleanse the palate, and provide a truly immersive multi-sensory experience.
Each team member at Galaxy Bar brings their expertise, including techniques for clarifying cocktails, crafting syrups and creating one-of-a-kind garnishes. With our collective creativity and commitment to using local ingredients, we take our cocktail offerings to a whole new level. Consequently, this enables us to consistently innovate and set higher standards in mixology. Thus, ensuring a truly exceptional experience for our guests.

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