How to succeed in Lebanon’s nightlife scene

How to succeed in Lebanon’s nightlife scene

In a city known for its epic nightlife, Beirut boasts a handful of standout entrepreneurs who have made it in the scene. We get to know a few of them and how they have succeeded in this tough business.

According to Yasmina Yared, founder and managing partner of Pisco, the thing that is helping nightlife businesses to grow is that the Lebanese know how to party and there is demand, so owners need to be flexible and consistent.

The key to success

It is important for nightlife venues to have a clear concept and strong brand value. Nassim Ramy, co-owner of Ramy Holding and partner of La Scene Beirut and Babylon x La Scene Dubai, believes that without a clear concept, venues often don’t go the distance, so customer experience is key.

Indeed, the main pillars of success are brand identity, marketing, the experience and level of service.

Donald Batal, founder and managing partner of Beirut Society Group, said: “For a nightlife business to succeed, you should not stop adapting. Always manage and enhance the offering, hire the right people, play the right music and delivering the right experience.”

Marketing and franchising

Claude Saba, COO and partner at AddMind Hospitality, spoke about the value of marketing, stating that each brand within the group has its own dedicated marketing manager and executives. “We do above the line and below the line marketing, sometimes cross-marketing.”

Furthermore, with regard to franchising, the trailblazer said that restaurants are easier to franchise than nightlife venues, “because the nightlife experience is very hard to replicate, especially when it is a well-known brand.”

Seasonality in nightlife

Some brands in Lebanon have both summer and winter venues to cater to guests throughout the year. Yared said that Sapa Beirut closes in summer to make way for Sapa Faraya, because the Beirut venue is indoors, and customers prefer outdoor and open space in the warmer months.

Insights from HORECA Talks 2024 at HORECA Lebanon, co-organized by Hospitality News Middle East and Hodema Consulting Services. Session moderated by Nada Alameddine, managing partner at Hodema Consulting Services, and Nagi Morkos, founder and manager partner at Hodema Consulting Services.

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