Ramadan culinary trends with chef Paul Hayward, brought to you by Elle & Vire

Ramadan culinary trends with chef Paul Hayward, brought to you by Elle & Vire

 Executive pastry chef Paul Hayward, consultant and owner of Ph by Design, reveals the culinary trends of the season and his favorite Elle & Vire products.

What are the main culinary trends to consider this Ramadan?
First of all, balance is crucial. It is possible to add a twist to a classic dish or combine two classics from around the world to create something new and exciting; for example, rose falooda trifle, a traditional Indian drink, rose milk cake and English trifle all in one, with upgraded recipes using premium dairy from E&E.
The second trend concerns textures. If you are serving several dishes, make sure they all are different, crunchy, crispy, hot, cold, soft and chewy. Create excitement in every bite.
Last but not least, serving size is important. Individual portions have become the norm in our post-pandemic world.

Which are your favorite Ramadan specialties?
I like classic dishes but with a twist. Some of my favorites include the Vimto, a drink, made into a jelly as part of a trifle to give that taste of nostalgia and the traditional date cake, which I transform into a sticky date cheesecake.

Do you have any Ramadan-related tips for chefs?
Know your customers and pay attention to packaging; it is as important as what you’re serving because, in many cases, people will take the dish as a gift. Also, plan ahead to ensure that all the ingredients and non-food items are available; many suppliers do not have stock due to the pandemic. 

What are your favorite Elle & Vire products?
I really enjoy using Elle & Vire’s mascarpone cheese. It can be whipped to the texture I desire without splitting. Furthermore, its super-premium taste and silky-smooth texture makes it perfect for tiramisu and for enhancing other simple recipes to a higher level of quality and uniqueness.


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