The Lebanese industry excels on again and launches the first Aperitivo drink made in Lebanon

The Lebanese industry excels on again and launches the first Aperitivo drink made in Lebanon

A new product, the “Aperitivo drink” was launched in the Lebanese market as the first drink of its kind to be produced in Lebanon. The launch event was held at the Saint-George Hotel, Ain El Mreisseh, Beirut, on Tuesday July 04, 2023, in presence of many key players in the industry and hospitality sectors, as well as many invitees and media representatives.

It is worth mentioning that amid the current crisis, and according to many local and international experts, the Lebanese industry is one of the most important pillars on which the economic recovery of Lebanon is based. In this regard, a detailed study and planning were conducted, in order to launch this drink for the first time in the Lebanese market and promote it.  This initiative came in aims of satisfying the significant growing needs of the market on this category of drinks, noting that such they greatly contribute to gaining considerable economic profits for Lebanon, especially in the hospitality, food and industry sectors.

From his end, Raymond Kassatly, production manager at Wadih Kassatly, the producing company, indicated that: “This product was launched after conducting a thorough study, which showed a high demand for this category of products in Lebanon, noting that Lebanon currently fully imports this category of drinks”. He further added that “the company is now seeking to meet the needs of the Lebanese market as much as possible, as there is currently no local production for it.” He also expressed his aspirations for this beverage to gain significant demand and success in the Lebanese market, noting that the company won’t solely stop at achieving this goal, but will also work on exporting the Aperitivo to several countries.

Furthermore, the President of the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists Selim Zeeni, considered that the industry is one of the main pillars of the economy, underlining that the association supports all industrialists in all their innovations, especially in the field of food industries. He concluded by mentioning that such initiatives hold great importance, as they create job opportunities and limit importations. Moreover, these initiatives contribute to the revival of the national economy, through increasing products exportations and foreign currencies incomes, at a time when Lebanon is most in need.

The new product is named “Aperitivo Caprice d’Orient” and is made from sweet and bitter oranges, known to be used for making Spritz cocktails.


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