Revolutionizing the hotel sector with optimal technology

Revolutionizing the hotel sector with optimal technology

 The hotel sector faces challenges in effectively exchanging information and optimizing business processes to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy travelers. With expectations such as fast internet, HDTV, IPTV, video conferencing capabilities, in-room check-out, video streaming, digital climate and lighting control, digital curtain systems and communication with reception via mobile phones, these services can greatly influence guests’ preference for one hotel over another. Recognizing the industry’s digital transformation, Furukawa Electric, a leading Japanese manufacturer of comprehensive communication network infrastructure solutions, highlights the emerging trends that guests anticipate experiencing in their preferred hotels.

Excellent fiber optic connections
It is no longer sufficient for a hotel room to be equipped with a state-of-the-art television with dozens of channels. Nowadays, users prefer tools that allow them to control, for example, the intensity of the room’s lighting and open and close the curtains. They prefer to have fast Wi-Fi connection and be able to send a message to reception. Thanks to the use of optical networks, the value of the services delivered by a hotel is exponentially increased, allowing the implementation of automated solutions, which will improve the user experience and increase revenue for owners.

Future-proof networks
The greatest challenge is to recognize the importance of technology in the tourism sector, made possible by 5G networks. Beyond being able to download content at a higher speed, 5G will allow the development and implementation of technologies that were limited by 4G. In other words, the connection between smart devices will be much more effective.

Big data for guests to benefit
Hotels collect, cross-check and analyze the relevant information they generate from their customers to identify their likes and needs. The primary function of big data in the hotel industry is to combine existing hotel data with customer profile analyses from social media. This enables the customization of services, enhances marketing strategies, improves customer satisfaction, and keeps hotels at the forefront of the evolving sector.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is another prominent trend within the technological solutions of the tourism sector. Communication through these AI systems and chatbots with customers is consolidated as a new form of communication between establishments and customers. Some hotel chains are already introducing virtual assistants among their services that will help the customer manage hotel services or that can help customize the atmosphere of their room.

Mobile technology
Mobile phones have become multipurpose, as they act as tour guides, travel agencies, best restaurant locators, maps, etc. That is why hotels need to adapt their communication and services, especially that synchronizing flight information, hotel reservations, preferences and plans, among other things, all on one device, will make your experience much more pleasant.

Interoperability of services in the hotel sector
Aware of guests’ latest needs, Furukawa offers the hotel sector a solution capable of integrating the various services within a unified communication system, optimizing the management and physical installation spaces, also contributing to the care of the environment and demonstrating great savings in installation costs. That’s why, interoperability platforms have been developed with passive fiber optic solutions or better known as PON LAN networks, which are oriented to the integration of voice, data, video and security services both with IP and analog solutions based on fiber optics, in which all the services that are provided in the rooms and their public areas can be integrated, enhancing the care and service processes that were previously seen as out of reach. The Laserway solution provides a significant reduction in investments, both in terms of infrastructure (CAPEX) and operating levels (OPEX), which classifies it as an excellent option to meet the organizations’ connectivity needs.
There is no doubt that technology is within any business’ reach and improves hotels’ productivity. A professional IT expert can be a great asset to help optimize investment in technology and provide you with the most appropriate management tools. Major hotel chains have chosen Furukawa as their brand of choice to supply optical or copper networks. Hotels such as Staybridge Suites and the Intercontinental Hotel of Mexico, Río Perdido of Costa Rica, Tayayá Aquaparque Hotel & Resort and Grande Hotel SENAC of Brazil, Hotel Bidasoa of Chile, Hotel Punta Rasa of Cuba, Hotel Las Islas – Aviatur of Colombia, Villa Hotels of Madivas, Accor Raffles and Aston Archipelago International of Indonesia, among others, are enabling their customers to live out this experience with the Laserway solution.



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