Enabling glamping for an Instagrammable experience

Enabling glamping for an Instagrammable experience

Furukawa Electric, a prominent Japanese manufacturer specializing in comprehensive communication network infrastructure solutions, is attuned to evolving consumer demands. In this article, they address the trend that center on catering to the glamping needs of the “Instagrammable” generation.

The Instagrammable generation is a demographic perpetually in pursuit of extraordinary experiences in remote settings that can range from deserts to jungles. However, despite their vacation appeal, maintaining connectivity to families and businesses highlights the vital need for good internet service.
As glamping gains popularity, hotels and remote resorts must grapple with the task of ensuring dependable and internet connection. Although private resorts offer a lavish retreat from the urban hustle and bustle, some isolated destinations are confronting the issue of internet access.

Remote hotels redefining hospitality with glamping experiences

In an era where urban life can sometimes feel overwhelming, an emerging trend in the hospitality industry is providing a breath of fresh air. Remote hotels are embracing the allure of the great outdoors by offering guests an extraordinary blend of adventure and luxury through glamping experiences.
Remote hotels are continually innovating to offer diverse glamping experiences to suit various tastes and preferences. In wildlife-rich regions, guests can embark on safari-style glamping adventures with guided wildlife tours and comfortable tented accommodations. For those who crave mountain retreats, glamping experiences with unmatched views of snow-capped peaks, are offered accompanied by activities like hiking and bonfires. As for those seeking sun and surf, beachfront glamping sites offer an idyllic setting with exclusive access to pristine shorelines and water-based activities. Adventurers can opt for remote desert glamping, immersing themselves in the stark beauty of arid landscapes through camel rides, sand dune adventures, and cultural experiences. Lastly, for tranquility seekers, remote islands feature glamping accommodations, where guests can savor the peaceful island life while indulging in luxury.

The essential role of internet connection in enhancing the glamping experience

Wi-Fi remains a crucial component of a pleasant guest experience. It enables access to entertainment and streaming. Furthermore, it allows guests to unwind with their favorite shows, movies, or music. Thus it enhances relaxation. Additionally, internet access empowers patrons to research and plan local excursions and experiences. Furthermore, it enables them to enjoy digital reading or subscription services even while in remote locations. Wi-Fi also assists visitors in accessing maps, trail guides and educational resources for more enriching outdoor experiences. Last but not least, for those needing to balance work and leisure, a reliable internet connection allows them to stay connected to their professional commitments even while glamping.

Selecting broadband infrastructure for glamping sites

Selecting the right internet solution for glamping can be challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for remote areas. It primarily depends on the specific location, as each area has unique considerations when choosing the appropriate broadband infrastructure.
For example, fiber optics, a high-speed and efficient technology that uses light to transmit data through fine glass, may not be available in sparsely populated areas due to limited cable company coverage.
4G mobile broadband, a cellular network-based option, can provide reliable internet connections, particularly as a backup to conventional cellular service. However, it has device limitations and may have limited availability in remote regions.
When considering fixed wireless internet, which utilizes radio waves to transmit high-speed data between fixed points. It’s important to note that this solution is suitable for rural or remote areas where traditional wired lines are impractical.
Lastly, satellite internet, which sends signals from a ground-based antenna to a satellite in space for relay, offers easy setup and is ideal for remote areas with clear access to the sky.

Furukawa for seamless hotel operations

Understanding this trend, Furukawa offers the hotel sector a solution capable of integrating various services within a unified communication system. This integration optimizes the management and physical installation spaces. It also contributes to environmental sustainability and demonstrates substantial savings in installation costs.

Furukawa: The preferred network solution for top hotel chains

Prominent hotel chains, like Staybridge Suites and Intercontinental Hotel, have chosen Furukawa for their optical and copper network needs. They, along with others such as Río Perdido in Costa Rica, Tayayá Aquaparque Hotel & Resort in Brazil, and Hotel Bidasoa in Chile, offer guests the Laserway solution. Additionally, hotels like Hotel Punta Rasa in Cuba, Hotel Las Islas – Aviatur in Colombia, Villa Hotels in the Maldives, and Accor Raffles and Aston Archipelago International in Indonesia also provide this experience.


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