Omega Software’s take on digital and contactless menus

Omega Software’s take on digital and contactless menus

“Times like these underline just how much we need one another. In that spirit and as you prepare to reopen adapting to this “New Normal”, we like to share with you our solution O-Menu (a contactless digital menu for ordering), a product we had for a couple of years now and it is a perfect solution that provides safety and security to your customers with No-contact with a hard copy menu, for guests who will still be wary of close contact while placing their orders.”

This is how Michel Ghosn, owner of Omega Software, a leading worldwide Point of Sale company providing Information Technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, introduced his new product.

 How does it work?

The customer will scan a QR code on his table that will open up your menu on his phone.

He can then place his order and it will be directed to the restaurant’s Omega POS.  The waiter will approve this order before saving it and sending it to the kitchen.

The restaurant just requires an internet connection, no application is needed for the customers, neither an investment in any hardware or equipment is. There will be no fees per transaction to pay.

Other benefits include updating the restaurant’s prices on the POS will automatically update the prices online, customers can order delivery or pre-order and pick up at the store at any time. In case the restaurant manages reservations, this could be linked to his O-Reservation module where the customers can book a table online.


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