Seeking travel inspiration: the role of social media

Seeking travel inspiration: the role of social media

Adapting to the rise of “phygital,” which bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, has raised unforeseen challenges for the tourism industry. Dr. Maria Frangieh, CEO of Socialprise, lifts the lid on the importance of inspiring your clients.

People utilize social media when planning their travel, and how a place is perceived strongly impacts their travel choices.  Although this new way of distributing content, which relies on digital tools, has left many operators uncertain, some brands have adapted to the change quite successfully by coming up with new and exciting ways to talk about themselves.
Below are some suggestions on how to give the right impression online, so you can attract more bookings and encourage positive word of mouth.

Online content
When planning their travel, the first thing people do is research the place on social media and Google. They will first look online for published photos, videos and visitors’ content. What you need to keep in mind is that it is not just how you portray your business; it is also about how others share their own content about the your place. Make sure that your brand is reachable online everywhere. An active website, social media and a Google Map location are essential. Add a phone number and email address, and make sure you always reply promptly.

Content quality matters
Visitors expect to find what they see online, exactly the way it is. Make sure the content you are sharing online is real. If there are different options, clearly mention the options under each photo or video. Don’t overpromise, as this will backfire. Take real photos, avoid photoshopped or retouched ones and share stories on social media to give a real-life experience at your property.

Video is king
People prefer videos because they show different angles and certain details that might not be important to you but are valuable to them. Share the exact experience via video and go live from time to time.

User-generated content and reviews
Encourage your visitors to share their experiences on their own profiles and tag you. People pay more attention to this content compared to the one you will be sharing from your official profile because it is more credible and it is also shared from a different perspective.

Highlight what makes your experience unique
After a long wait, visiting a place in person is expected to be exciting and unique. Create unique spaces at your venue and highlight what differentiates you.

Talk to all audiences
Do not limit your communication to your original target market. You will be surprised that everyone today is looking for a new place to visit, so this is your chance to shine. Don’t forget to engage families and business people if your property is suitable.

Online brand image is important, but what is more important is providing the same experience you share online when your visitors arrive in person.

Maria Frangieh Socialprise Marketing and Digital Transformation
Dr. Maria Frangieh,

CEO of Socialprise
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