Facebook and the Future of Travel by Socialprise

Facebook and the Future of Travel by Socialprise

There’s no denying the fact that Facebook offers countless features to help businesses grow. Dr. Maria Frangieh, managing director of Socialprise, explains how the social media giant is shaping the future of travel.

In today’s world, travelers are seeking unique experiences and epic deals that will allow them to make the best out of their trip. With an abundance of destinations to choose from, the finer details can make all the difference, so understanding what travelers need is key.

Facebook offers innumerable features to help businesses gain greater visibility on the application and attract more customers. Thus, it is essential that companies start by reviewing their Facebook business page setup and make the best of Meta Business Suite features.

Below are some free and paid options the social media platform offers.

Finding nearby Wi-Fi

Travelers usually have to look for free Wi-Fi when visiting a place. However, Facebook offers the feature of finding locations nearby where free Wi-Fi is available. Activating this feature for your business page gives you more visibility.


This feature is not only useful for travelers but also for existing and new customers. Businesses can create an offer on their business page, which appears on the page feed and can be promoted. Customers are able to view the offers using the Facebook app, and can change their location to see other offers recommended by Facebook.


Recently, consumers have increasingly turned to messaging to interact with travel brands of all types, from airlines to hotels and resorts. This feature has become popular because it is intuitive, immediate and allows communication at scale with personalized engagement. Businesses can uplift the messaging experience by using Business Apps or integrating a bot.

Facebook destination catalog

Create a destination catalog with all the destinations you want to promote using the Commerce Manager. This catalog can be set up by a developer using Meta for Developers or by following the steps in the Commerce Manager without the need for a developer. This destination feed can be promoted with dynamic ads.

Business apps

Connecting platforms used with the Facebook page helps businesses showcase their products and services and reach the right customers at the right time, thus boosting sales. Some of the app categories offered are Appointments and Reservations, Food Ordering, Lead Ads, Ads Targeting and much more. Selecting the corresponding apps is the most important thing.

Meta pixel

To make the best out of your advertising experience, create a pixel, embed it in your website and connect it to your ads. This pixel will allow you to target people who have previously searched for or interacted with your ads and measure customers’ actions.

Facebook Audience

This feature gives you insights about people connected to your page and people on Facebook. You can create lookalike audiences to reach new people who share similar characteristics to your existing customers. The system will leverage information, such as demographics, interests and behavior, from your source audience to find new people who share similar qualities. If your business has a database of 1,000 to 5,000 active clients, this feature is extremely beneficial and cost efficient.

Facebook Ads

Travel ads, hotel ads, flight ads and destination ads help promote your business to your target audience. Connecting these ads with the meta pixel and catalog improve the experience and results. Other ads based on interests can also be used.

Target travelers based on their interests, behavior and location. Remember to create lookalike audience and use video content. Facebook ads offer broad parameters to target travelers and tourists. Currently, dynamic ads are the most popular type of travel ad. You can start running ads on Facebook for as low as USD 1 a day, although the reach will vary depending on the audience targeted. Don’t forget to exclude purchasers who have already booked their hotel or travel ticket.

Facebook Insights

After running a marketing campaign, businesses need to review the insights of the page and ads results regularly. Refine the marketing content, offers and ads based on the results. While Facebook offers tips, understanding how customers interact with the content and ads will help businesses adjust where needed to increase the reach and lead generation.

It’s important to keep in mind that understanding the journey of connected consumers in travel and utilizing Facebook’s numerous features can help to attract more loyal customers and new travelers.

Maria Frangieh,

Managing Director of Socialprise
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