Why technology matters in the world of franchising

Why technology matters in the world of franchising

Nouhad Dammous, the late editor-in-chief of Hospitality News Middle East, was a firm believer in the power of technology. Here, we share his words on why franchises need to integrate smart systems to improve efficiency and cut costs.

It is fundamental for franchises of the future to understand consumer needs and take advantage of the huge opportunities that exist. Technology is reshaping the F&B industry and creating new job categories. AI is already being used and will continue to be part of the franchise landscape. Indeed, many of today’s jobs will become obsolete due to automation and robotics. The rise of social media adds another dimension. Franchised restaurants must be visible on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and other digital platforms.

When we look ahead, the horizon looks bright for restaurants and the franchise industry, as firms can educate talents on new technologies and provide practical training. Attracting, developing and retaining the right
talent may be a challenge, but I know that it can be achieved.


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