The key to increasing customer loyalty

The key to increasing customer loyalty


Customer loyalty is the result of genuine concern about a client’s well-being and the ability to go beyond simply identifying and meeting customers’ needs to acknowledging their aspirations and struggles. Manal Syriani lifts the lid on how to keep clients close to your brand.

When a brand’s core values are aligned with those of their clients, companies create lifelong customers. Some brands are able to establish themselves in the minds of the general public, not only their consumers, due to the high level of empathy practiced by their employees and communicated through the way the business is run day in, day out. A customer will become loyal when they start to associate positive experiences with a brand, therefore increasing the frequency of using the company’s services or products.

Achieving such levels of loyalty from customers often depends on the attitudes and behaviors of team members and operating strategies adopted by the company in managing customer services. When companies invest in a customer centric culture and in hiring the right people, clients will be encouraged to come back repeatedly, trusting the brand’s ability to deliver quality products and services.

Businesses may also rely on multiple innovative strategies to increase customer loyalty. Companies can consider the following:

1. Make customers feel they are being heard by implementing suggestions about new products and taking on board feedback on existing ones. When customers realize they are participating in the growth of the business, they develop a sense of ownership that bonds them to the brand.

2. Give back to your customers by introducing exclusive social activities that bring together like-minded clients with similar preferences and aspirations. Creating a sense of community around the brand integrates the brand in daily life and reinforces bonds.

3. Celebrate your loyal customers with programs that reward repeat business when clients reach a certain milestone with the company (e.g. a certain number of orders or a certain volume of business). Beyond discounts, companies can launch innovative programs, such as associations with airlines or sports events, allowing clients to benefit from their rewards outside the brand.

4. Provide outside-the-box services that are relevant to the brand but not available to all. Hotels might provide additional concierge services to their special guests, for example. The most important aspect of creating loyal and repeat business is to be constantly present in the mind of the customer. Even if they are not planning a trip to your property anytime soon, they should always be engaging with your brand in one way or another.

Manal Syriani
Franchise Manager
The Lebanese Bakery

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