Ben Wozny’s life-long journey with Hyatt Hotels

Ben Wozny’s life-long journey with Hyatt Hotels

Having joined Grand Hyatt Berlin in 2000, then fulfilling various roles for the brand across the globe, Ben Wozny has had a long history with Hyatt Hotels. In his latest appointment as GM of Grand Hyatt Amman, he reflects on his journey with the group and his plans for the future.

Why have you remained loyal to Hyatt Hotels group?
I have been very lucky; Hyatt has offered me great opportunities around the globe over the past 20 years, and because of this, it has never felt as though I was with one company for too long. It has felt more like a life-long journey with never-ending discoveries. Hyatt has always been a very flexible and open company, and given Hyatt’s past growth and future growth plans, I am happy that we are still one big family and very approachable.

What is your vision for Grand Hyatt Amman?
Grand Hyatt Amman is a property imbued with history, stories and opportunities. Coming in with a fresh mindset and fully energized after my Covid-19 sabbatical, I aim to help all of our team members strive for excellence and, most importantly, experience joy and pride in their daily duties.

What added value does your experience as an operations lead of digital transformation bring to your current position?
The digital transformation within Hyatt is all about sparking new ideas and bringing together personnel from corporate, regions and hotel teams to see what it is we all want to do. Sometimes it is as easy as listening to everyone, finding the one goal everyone is after and helping the teams understand other points of view before going into piloting and testing. I have always been a strong believer in trying new things and testing out boundaries, so I guess the change management portion of my past assignments will help us bring even more creativity to life at Grand Hyatt Amman.

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