How “Home in a Bite” is promoting Lebanese food concepts in the UAE and beyond

How “Home in a Bite” is promoting Lebanese food concepts in the UAE and beyond

HN speaks to Christine Assouad, founder and CEO of The Catalyst of Growth, to learn more about her “Home in a Bite project” and how it’s bringing a piece of Lebanon to the UAE and the Gulf.

What made you decide to bring 15 Lebanese food concepts to Dubai?
The “Home in a Bite” project was created to scale and grow Lebanese restaurant brands, while bringing new amazing food options to consumers in Dubai. You can find our brands on, on our Instagram page (@homeinabite) and on Deliveroo. We are starting with Dubai as a pilot, and we intend to keep growing across the UAE and the rest of the Gulf.

How did you decide which Lebanese brands to include in the project? 
We selected the brands according to their menus and the people behind them. As it is a delivery-based project, creativity, variety and quality are key to maintaining customer loyalty. And the people, the stories, etc. are as important, since every brand is actually telling us a story with their dishes. We chose different types of cuisine for every budget.

What have been your biggest challenges?
We had many challenges with the coronavirus, visa issues…however, I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing teams who are making things happen, no matter what.

Why did you pick Dubai for your pilot?
Dubai is a vibrant, aspirational, visionary city. It is the perfect starting point and hub to grow from.

Which companies are supporting this initiative?
Catalyst of Growth created the concept and is coordinating between all the players. We are surrounded by amazing, like-minded companies that said “yes” to everything we asked of them. They wanted to collectively support Lebanese brands and concepts. In particular, I would like to thank Kitopi for its efforts. We are also lucky to have such great marketing partners: Instagram and Facebook, Hypermedia, RedPeg, TBWA and Deliveroo. They all went above and beyond to make this dream come true. I am extremely grateful to all of them.

What can you tell us about the brands that have joined the initiative?
The first eight brands are: Tawlet by Souk el Tayeb, DeliCo (including BurgerCo burgers),  Ummi, Casper & Gambinis, Tarator, Diet Center, Cuisine d’Amour and Semsom. We will be launching mid-March 2021. Seven additional brands will be joining the initiative in April.

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